Why You Should Scrap Your Unwanted Car


Perhaps at one point you have looked out in your yard and have found yourself asking, “How can I start the process of scraping my car? Who would take care of that in my area?” Look no further than Junk Car Removal Surrey!

Scrap Your Unwanted Car For Cash

We buy junk cars (whether they are in working condition or not) and take them off your hands, while you walk away with cash in your pocket. This brief article is aimed to shed a little light on our services, and how what we do not only helps you, but helps the world that you are in as well. We will take a look at what sets Junk Car Removal Surrey above the rest, as well as will be explaining the process of Scrap Your Unwanted Car.

What sets our company’s service higher above the rest? Our company was founded in 2008, and our main goal is to clear the streets of unsightly junk cars, making British Columbia that much more beautiful. We offer a fast and free pick up at a local location of your choice and cash for cars.

And our scrap your unwanted car services extend throughout the lower mainland area, including Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langely, Surrey, Delta and Richmond; you name the time and place and one of our professional drivers will be sure to meet you there to take that old junk car off your hands.

Auto Recycle Surrey

To start, the process of auto recycling begins with just one quick call to one of our courteous and reliable professionals, where you will be able to efficiently arrange a time that will best coincide with your schedule to arrange a pick-up, and you will be given an honest quote about how much you will receive for your junk car.

Following that, we will come to pick up your scrap vehicle. It’s that simple! Regardless of year, make, model or the current condition of your used vehicle, we will pay you a minimum of $100 for your car, that even includes if it doesn’t run! We offer the highest value for your vehicle! We also offer our services 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so any time that works best for you, works best for us, guaranteed.

We work quickly and efficiently, in most cases we will Scrap Your Unwanted Car the very same day you call! You will additionally be given a “Certificate of Destruction”, for your own records and reference. A Certificate of Destruction states that you are not liable for the vehicle in the future. It can also assist you in claiming a refund for unused months or road tax as well as car insurance.

Upon collection of your old vehicle, it will be taken to our government-approved and licensed facility where it will safely and efficiently be dismantled and all hazardous parts will be removed in a manner of which also plays a vital role in the protection of our environment.

Top Value To Scrap Your Unwanted Car

All the materials off your old, junk car will be reused and recycled and put to great future use. You may be asking yourself what exactly the process of auto scrapping is. The complicated process of eco-friendly auto scrapping, begins with the vehicle being inventoried for usable parts. Recyclers then begin start the engine to inspect for any and all leaks the vehicle may have.

Following the inventory the fluids of the car or truck are drained, removed and properly disposed of. Finally, all remaining hazardous materials (mercury, battery, or propellants from air-bags called sodium azide) are removed as well. The vehicle is then stripped of its useful parts (both inside and out) and the remaining shell of the vehicle is then is crushed and recycled.

The benefits of recycling a vehicle are tremendous. The steel of a vehicle saves natural resources and energy every year! In fact, the steel industry boasts saving enough energy of which can power roughly 18 million homes per year, every year. Metal recycling also utilized roughly 74% less energy than metal-making.

Therefore, scrap recyclers, such as Junk Car Removal Surrey, assists to save roughly 85 million barrels of oil annually; of which would have been utilized for manufacturing additional parts. Recycling vehicles also helps to keep over 11 million tons of steel and 800,000 non-ferrous metals out of our landfills and back into the market for consumers to use.

Prior to the 2003 model year, many vehicles were found to contain mercury auto-switches, lighting and anti-lock brake systems. The mercury that was found was in turn removed and recycled and the vehicles were shredded in order to maintain the prevention of its escaping into our environment. Interestingly, in 2007 alone, well over 2,100 lbs. Of mercury were collected by over 6,265 auto recycling companies.

Why You Should Scrap Your Unwanted Car

Here are some interesting facts for you to make note of:

• Recycling just one ton of steel is enough to conserve 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 1,400 lbs. of coal, and 120 lbs. of limestone.
• Approximately 10 million vehicles are recycled each year!
• An average passenger vehicle is consisted of roughly 65% steel and iron, by weight. Adding to that, car bodies are 25% comprised of recycled steel.
• Cars are also the number one recycled product in the United States and Canada alone!

Now that you’re a little more “in the know” when it comes to the important and interesting process of vehicle scrapping as well as to why it is incredibly beneficial to not only you, but also to our the environment, you can be sure to make a well-informed decision as to who you should come to for your auto scrapping needs.

Junk Car Removal Surrey is the number one auto recycling company in greater Vancouver area. And you, the customer, are always our number one priority. We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service, and always guarantee that you will receive the highest value for your scrap vehicle… in cash!

Don’t scrap your unwanted car for free, or even worse paying out of your own pocket to have it towed away. Be sure to call the trusted and reliable specialists at Junk Car Removal Surrey. We will offer you a free, no obligation estimate for the value of your scrap vehicle, and you can set up your appointment for us to pick up your junk car on your schedule, at your chosen location!

Save yourself the stress and hassle of removing that unsightly vehicle, and let the specialists at Junk Car Removal Surrey handle it for you. Call us today, our customer service representatives are waiting to answer and address any questions or concerns you may have, as well as provide you with an accurate estimate for your vehicle.

Make that call, you will be more than happy you did!

Scrap Your Unwanted Car in Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Delta, Langley, and Richmond!

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