What Happens After You Scrap Your Car

After You Scrap Your Car

What Happens After Your Car Get Towed Off To The Recyclers?

What really happens after you scrap your car? your vehicle going into the junkyard is a difficult sight to witness. If your beloved vehicle is being sent off to be demolished, you might be wondering about its fate when it has been stripped and flattened down to mere inches. It can be heart-rending to see your vehicle being shredded.

Reprocessing vehicles and waste metal is a process done with the utmost caution. This article will guide you through the various stages of vehicle reprocessing in Surrey, and we give you our word that we won’t go into the gory details, for the benefit of the nostalgic car-lovers out there!

Step 01 – The Tow-Away

Sometimes, watching your trusty car being hauled away can be the most difficult component of the whole experience. Ancient vehicles which have outlived their time might become dangerous and they must be towed away. You might get a small compensation for it, especially for scrap metal and if your vehicle has parts that can be salvaged.

The preliminary step of the process of recycling is the towing away of the car. After this, you no longer have a stay in this process. Your junk car remover will take care of everything.

Step 02 – Extracting The Salvageable Parts

There are components that can be reused in any car, even one that has been totally wrecked in a crash. Some of the parts might be workable and such components may be valuable because they can extend the lifespan and the mileage of a car that is still running on the road.

To keep the process eco-friendly, all the fluids and chemicals are removed and properly discarded.

All items that can be removed, such as seats and windshields are very carefully examined to see if they can be either sold or recycled.

Step 03 – Into The Crusher

After all the items that can be recycled are removed from the vehicle, it is headed to the dreaded crusher. This is what happens to every vehicle sent to the scrapyard, regardless of whether it’s an ancient jalopy or a state-of-the-art Lamborghini. This unforgiving machine is what starts mechanically extracting car metals. Read more information about selling your used car.

Cash For Cars BcTo lift the car into the crusher, automatic arms, cranes or a magnet are used. After the car is loaded, none of the distinguishing features of your car – model, mileage, condition, price – will matter.

The car is held still by the crusher. The hydraulic system creates over 2000psi of crushing force from its sides, with an addition of 150 tons. This will flatten the car or turn it into a cube.

Step 04 – Shredding

Flattened or as a cube, it is then sent into a shredder on a conveyor belt. Then, this metal is ripped up and cut into shreds.

After shredding, it will no longer be possible to recognize which part of the vehicle each piece originated from. Some smears of colour might be left, making it marginally possible to identify which piece came from which car.

Step 05 – Piles Of Metal

By this time, metal would have been intermingled with other materials like rubber, and these will need to be extracted separately. Large and magnetized drums will move over the heap of scraps, and they will extract the metal. This is where the metal recycling ends, leaving us with mounds of metal that can be reused.

The rest of the material that remains will be used for landfills, or it will be sent to decommissioned open cast mining sites.

Waste Not, Want Not – After You Scrap Your Car

To recycle a vehicle, you must gather all the parts and then take them apart. First, all the components must be collected from the car. Then the parts must be broken into tiny pieces to reuse for other purposes like making brand new vehicles. In this process, larger scraps of metal and iron are shredded into small parts and machines grind them into parts called slag. The slag is melted in incinerators to generate steel, and this is used in various products, including new cars!

Whatever the condition of your car, it still has value. So, whether you are recycling or sending it to the scrapyard, make sure to contact an expert car removal company for all your recycling necessities!

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