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The easiest way to get cash for your old car!

Welcome to CTR Scrap Car Removal Surrey, the best place to get cash for scrap cars. You can trust us when we say we have the highest prices to offer for damaged, wrecked, old or unusable cars. Our company has been in the scrap car removal business for years. As a result, we not only offer the perfect prices but also have the latest equipment, updated technology and reliable staff.

Towing And Scrap Car Removal

CTR Scrap Car Removal Surrey sets the bar high for other car recycling agencies in the area.
Do you want to know why?

  • Free towing for your vehicle
  • Fast cash for scrap cars
  • Service within one day
  • Attractive and unbeatable prices
  • Scrap car removal round-the-clock

Trying to get rid of a car that’s no longer up and running? Our scrap car removal Surrey is one call away!

Ctr Scrap Car Removal Surrey

Instant Cash For Junk Cars


It is absolutely vital to choose the right company when you seek towing and scrap car removal services. Getting cash for junk cars sure is great, but it can be tiring if the company does not make quick, easy and high-quality services available for you.

Junk Car Removal Surrey is the perfect solution. Our professional technicians will make sure everything from towing to payment flows smoothly. Heavy paperwork and long waiting lines will be non-existent here. Therefore, you don’t have to stress over the tiring process, because Junk Car Removal Surrey is all about giving clients a no-fuss car recycling experience.

Recycle For A Greener Tomorrow

Automobiles are not even a luxury anymore, they are a basic need. The growing number of vehicles on the planet has become a threat to the environment.

Scrap car removal Surrey is one of the best ways this problem can be tackled. Recycling vehicles the proper way helps your pocket as well as the environment. It’s actually a win-win! Our scrap car removal agency adheres to state laws and environmental policies, therefore every dollar you make will be legal and genuine.

Get help from our towing and scrap car removal service to finally get that hunk of junk out of the way. Trust us, you will feel much better after doing so!

How To Earn Cash For Junk Cars?

A Step-by-step Guide

1. Get the details ready

Before you call us, it is handy to keep the information of your car noted down. Basic details such as the model of your car, year of manufacture, mileage, and condition would do. Keep some photographs of it ready so our staff at Junk Car Removal Surrey will be able to give an accurate estimate.

2. Give us a call

A quick Google search will direct you to a bunch of junkyards around you, but make sure you always settle for the best. Once you call us, you will know that we have absolutely the best prices in town.

3. Arrange the pick-up

Scheduling a pick-up time with towing and scrap car removal service is a piece of cake. We always find a way to stick to times that you find convenient because customer satisfaction is key.

4. Scrap and earn!

This is usually the hardest step, but with us, it’s the easiest! We will even help you out with dismantling the car and removing parts you wish to keep or resell. After the car is good to go, our towing trucks will tow it away and give you the money on the spot.

Quickest Way To Earn Cash For Scrap Cars

If you are searching for the most responsible and respectable place to get cash for junk cars, our scrap car removal Surrey will indeed be a godsend. We can help you save your space and maintenance money. Let that old vehicle go today, and switch to a more economical model.

Need to know more? Contact our experts and get your free custom quote right away!

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